About Me

My animals are much more than just pets, they are my babies. I created Bella’s Little Farm and it’s better than any job.
It’s work, every day, but my coworkers are fuzzy and my customers are happy families.

We love bringing the farm experience to you.

Hey there, I’m Isabella

… a girl from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to the USA six years ago in 2016 to try a new life. I came alone, with no family, no money, and no English. (I only spoke a few words). All I had was hope for of better days. Every beginning is hard, my first job was cleaning offices at night, I didn’t have a car at the time. I went back and forth (sometimes past midnight) riding my purple bike. 

For a year I worked cleaning hotel rooms, houses, and offices. Then I became a nanny. I love the kids, it was just so easy for me to be a nanny. For 5 years I worked for a few families (loved all of them), and with my last family was when I had the idea to start my own business. I used to always take my bunnies for the girls (that I worked for) to play. So I started thinking why not do that for everyone, so everyone can have fun with farm animals. 

My first party was January 8th, then I was booked every weekend. Easter was a success with egg hunts with live bunnies. In less the last year we have had more than 100 parties and thousands of followers on social media. 

I'm From


I grew up in

Rio de Janiero

I'm crazy for


I Love

Fluffy Animals

Bella’s Blog

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