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I wanted to thank you and your family for having our little farm and pets at your parties and events. Help us to spread the fun and happiness, by showing everyone how much you liked our service. Your review is super important for us as a small business!

– Isabella

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Peppa the Piggie

Peppa loves splashing in water and finding hideaways. The first time she was in a her little pool, she was so comfy that she pooped. #piglife She runs and runs around the yard, faster than everyone else. Then stops to ..... What’s your pet's go-to treat? Peppa's...

Peanutbutter Fluffy-cup

PB was one of our first baby bunnies. He’s grown with us as our farm has grown, and he loves to just nom on yummy snacks.

Nancy the Silkie

Nancy may not be able ot see the best, but she Floofs pretty well.

CiCi the Turkey

CiCi is our Spanish Black Turkey hen

Such a Memorable Easter

“We had Bella’s Little Farm come out for Easter and our kids and nieces and nephews had such a memorable Easter. The animals were adorable and docile enough to let the kids love on them. Isabella was very communicative. We also had the opportunity to buy bunnies if we...

Great Bunny Party

“Great bunny party and we fell in love with one of the bunnies so we got him from Bella”

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