BBB Party – Bunnies, Bubbles, and Bounces



Looking for a fun and unique way to entertain kids at your next party? Look no further than our BBB Package! Bunnies, Bubbles, and Bounces is the perfect combination for a memorable and exciting celebration. Our team will bring a selection of adorable bunnies for the kids to interact with and enjoy. We’ll also set up a bounce house for endless bouncing fun. And to top it off, we’ll bring bubbles galore for the kids to chase and pop. With our BBB Package, your party is sure to be a hit with the kids and a stress-free experience for you. Book now and let the bunnies, bubbles, and bounces bring the party to you!

– 2 Hours
– Bunny Play time
– Bubbles and Mini Bouncehouse included. (Ages up to 5)


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